Earthquake from 1965 to 2016

About the Web App

There are thousands of Earthquakes happening around the world every year; some of them are unlikely to be detected by human beings, while others can cause huge loss to the society. Our goal is to create an application displaying worldwide earthquakes overtime. We will implement a web application that uses data from Kaggle (with originally collected by USGS) to display the location, time, magnitude, and type of events from 1965 to 2016. The data is acquired from Kaggle with original collection from USGS. The target user will be the general public who are interested in geography and earthquakes. Moreover, this app can assist education and tourism industry. Educators can showcase the locations of earthquakes events and introduce the ring of fire according the map. Tourists are able to check the earthquake frequency for the place they are going to visit in order to know the risk. We will implement smooth animation, filtering, marker cluster, heatmap, rotation globe, and links to outside webpages for this web app. Even without specific background knowledge or a complex user guide, this map application will be easy to use and interpret with minimum effort.


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About the Team

Project Advisers: Prof. Alan M. MacEachren and Dr. Liping Yang

Team members: Zicheng Xuan

Team members: Yuying Ren